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Discover the power of recovery at Three Pillars Recovery! Our sober living environment provides the resources and support to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit. Experience the power of high accountability and structure to help you reach your full recovery potential.

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9618 Woodvale Dr. Austin, TX 78729


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“Compassion, fellowship, accountability and support-exactly what you’ll find at Three Pillars! Andrew treats everyone in the house like family.”


Jordan Neumann


“By far the best sober living I’ve ever been in. 12 step based and a great community. A really awesome place to get sober!”


Ruben Coleman

“I learned so much about what life in recovery should look like at this house. If you or a loved one are trying to build a solid foundation for a recovery based lifestyle, I would definitely recommend this place.

Great community, high accountability among members, clean house, group outings and other fun perks.

I'd say Three Pillars was one of the best things that ever happened for my recovery.”


Michael Keegan

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