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Recovery Specialists

Our recovery specialists are dedicated to providing high levels of accountability and support for individuals in recovery from addiction. Our program focuses on working a 12 step program and encourages each individual to build a strong foundation for lasting sobriety. Our recovery specialists are compassionate and experienced in helping individuals achieve their recovery goals.

Your partner in Recovery: Recovery Specialists

Peer recovery specialists are an integral part of the recovery process. These individuals, who have successfully overcome addiction themselves, provide invaluable guidance, empathy, and motivation to those in recovery. Through their shared experiences, peer workers help individuals stay engaged in the recovery process, reduce the likelihood of relapse, and build a sense of community. They advocate for people in recovery, share resources, lead recovery groups, and mentor others on their journey.


To become an effective peer worker, individuals need to develop core competencies specific to their role. These competencies ensure that they can provide tailored support to different groups, such as family members affected by addiction. The peer recovery support relationship is built on the foundation of shared experiences, creating a safe and understanding environment for individuals in the behavioral health arena.

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